Tomas – tween session – Paris Texas Children Photographer

These pictures were taken last year when I was finally able to convince Tomas (my firstborn) that he would be a great model.

It took me 1 year to edit them! Mainly because we have been so busy but also because I couldn’t make myself to finish it. Call me silly but it was hard to look at these pictures and see that my little baby is not so little anymore. So, I edited one or two and just forgot about the others.

He kept growing and growing and now, one year later, he has already changed so much! But in some ways he is still the same. He is the same confident, sweet, compassionate little guy. He still has the same smile and these amazing eyelashes that I wish I had. He still gives me a kiss and a hug every night and tells me he loves me. He still brings me so much joy, even in the moments I think I have completely failed as a mom.

I decided to embrace his growing up and stop being a sissy. I have an almost teenager and he is pretty amazing. But sorry ladies, he is not allowed to date yet. Here is Tomas Brandon Farr. The first one to call me mommy.

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S h o r t c u t s
F a c e b o o k
P i n t e r e s t