Where to Print

You will receive a disc with your digital files when you have your pictures taken by me. A question that I am asked all the time is “Where should I print my pictures?” You are free to print at your preferred lab but remember, where and how you print is VERY important.

When ordering your prints, please choose “matte” or “lustre” finish.

Glossy prints will not present the quality of your images and sometimes they stick to the glass in a frame.

Also, make sure you TURN OFF any color correction or auto correct functions! If you don’t they might change the way I edited your pictures 🙁

I would NOT suggest printing from Shutterfly, Snapfish, CVS or Walmart as their quality leaves much to be desired in my opinion.

Printing Labs I suggest:


Nations Photo Lab

My Publisher (photo books)

Tiny Prints (cards)

Eazl (canvas)


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